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    More about us ...

    from Fritz Bieri

    The friendship between Heinz Rieder and me is dating back about 40 years. On 24th July 2004 we met up to discuss a joint web-site. We agreed on the name, the format, the layout, the colors, the picture quality and a lot more. Thereafter we got into putting together the images to be published. Heinz was working "like a dog" (he was on leave) to create the web-pages just like we had imagined them.

    Fortunately we are a perfect match - e.g. the choice of themes and the locations the pictures are taken at. As webmaster, he is publishing our reality "caught in digital images" to the web. A big "Thank You" to my friend for the awesome job he is performing on our web-site.

    Initially Heinz encouraged me to take up photography. These days I take about 20000 pictures a year, mostly while hiking the mountains and watching nature. There are more than 1000 images on our web-site and it is updated constantly. The most recent "adventures" are available by subscribing to my photo-greeting section (follow the according link to "Bildergrüsse" in the menu).

    We had to make choices - our preferences are quality and image size - and decided to go with the bigger sizes you now find on our pages. A feedback with your thoughts and comments about our web-site would be much appreciated!

    Enjoy   smile ...

    Fritz Bieri, amateur photographer
    Technical Director of the Thunersee-Beatenberg-Niederhornbahnen


    by Heinz Rieder

    Fritz Bieri already talked about our longterm friendship. Ever since we met, we shared the love and devotion to photography. A variety of our "picture-impressions" were taken while hiking. Even while hiking on his own, Fritz feels the urge to share his impressions with others. His willingness to share gives me the joy and the pride to present a selection of his most beautiful images to a broader audience.

    We are trying to tell "stories caught in pictures" about special points of interest regarding Beatenberg and surrounding area. Our photo coverages prefer to "let the pictures speak for themselves" - once in a while we might some explaining words.

    Both our "digital imprints" or, as we call them "picture-impressions", intend to spread the word about this beautiful region of the Bernese Oberland all over the world-wide-web. And, of course, we hope and wish that you might want to come and see our beautiful homeland some day yourself.

    Enjoy   smile ...

    Heinz Rieder, amateur photographer and webmaster


    Awards for our website

    Town council of Beatenberg

    Auszeichnung für www.beatenbergbilder.ch Auszeichnung für www.beatenbergbilder.ch

    Text town council of Beatenberg:

    The town council of Beatenberg praises the wonderful design and professionalism regarding the management of "www.beatenbergbilder.ch".

    We want to thank you for your commitment benefitting Beatenberg.

    Verena Moser, Mayor / Sonja Fuss, Clerk


    We would like to thank the town council for this wonderful award. We know that many people in Beatenberg are working hard on improving the tourism industry and the village itself. Knowing this, we are happy that our work is appreciated.

    This recognition will encourage us to work even harder on our website ...


    Drachebärg Zytig (local newspaper)
    visiting www.beatenbergbilder.ch

    Photographic appointment with Francine Marie David

    Fritz Bieri und Heinz Rieder / Foto: F.M.David Fritz Bieri und Heinz Rieder / Foto: F.M.David

    Here our pictures for www.beatenbergbilder.ch are getting edited and the individual web pages are designed.

    Fritz Bieri und Heinz Rieder / Foto: F.M.David

    Fritz Bieri / Heinz Rieder

    It was a very entertaining afternoon with Francine, leaving us even more motivated to capture the beauty of nature. This is by far more interesting than taking pictures of our heads. Francine - what did you get yourself into?

    Bericht: Francine Marie David / Drachebärg Zytig

    Report in the Drachebärg Zytig

    » Blick von Beatenberg / Foto: H.Rieder

    Location: Beatenberg-Spirenwald / Chalet Sunnebode
    Photo: Heinz Rieder

    » Moortümpel Gebiet Niederhorn / Foto: F.Bieri

    Location: Niederhorn - Gemmenalp / Moortümpel
    Photo: Fritz Bieri


    About us


    • In most cases we are translating ideas,
    shared by the two of us, into our web pages
    • We are putting together unique picture collections
    • Our pictures and themes are complimenting each other
    • "Picture impression" of Beatenberg and its surrounding
    areas are the foundation of our website


    Fritz Bieri - - where he likes to be best ...

    Fritz Bieri - da wo er am liebsten sich bewegt ...

    Fritz Bieri - mit Nacht-Biwakplatz

    His very special picture impressions:

    - A full moon night on the Niederhorn mountain
    - Bivouac at the Burgfeldstand (Niederhorn)
    (in German only)

    His professional roots

    Fritz Bieri, Technischer Leiter

    Technical director of the Lake of Thun-Beatenberg-Niederhorn funicular railway


    Website in English / Drachebärg Zytig

    Barbara Stephenson-Berger

    Language translation: Barbara Stephenson-Berger
    Organization: Michael Künzi, Tourist-Center Beatenberg


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    Website and image editing: Heinz Rieder

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