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    Alphorntreffen Chüematte, Beatenberg / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    The alpine horn gathering on the Chüematte

    » Alpine horn sound: Alpine horn Trio Beatenberg

    In the last years the alpine horn gathering on the Chüematte has raised to one of the biggest. Alpine horn blower and swinger for displayed with colours, as well as traditional costumes, yodelling and music formations from Beatenberg and around are involved in the entertainment program. Discover also the culinary highlights. For the beginning, it starts with the mountain mass at 10.30 h. Later at 12.00 h the dance presentations are set down. The Chüematte is achievable from Beatenberg-Waldegg with the car (grant necessary, at Tourist Center), with bicycle, per foot or with shuttle bus (from 9.00 h). March from Niederhorn or Vorsass takes approx. 1 ½ h.

    Information: Tourist Center, Beatenberg / Aleksandra Simikic

    24 Alphornbläser Chüematte, Beatenberg / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    24 Alphorns

    24 Alphornbläser mit Fahnenschwinger, Chüematte, Beatenberg / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    Fahnenschwinger (Nachwuchs) / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    Young flag wavers

    Bergpredigt mit Pfarrer Lukas Stettler, Beatenberg / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    Mountain mass with priest Lukas Stettler, Beatenberg

    The mass starts with a musical beginning from the whole formation of the alpine horn blowers (24 alpine horn blowers).

    During the mass, two children have been baptised, with musical support from the band of Beatenberg.


    Sicherer Parkplatz / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    Secure "parking" for the valuable instruments ...

    Vier Alphornbläser ... / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    Four Alphorns from Beatenberg

    Vier Alphornbläser ... / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    Markus Jaun, Franz Grossniklaus, Andy Fuhrer und Urs Zimmermann

    Vier Alphorn / Foto: Heinz Rieder


    Click on pics to zoom in / Photo: Heinz Rieder

    » Click on pics to zoom in

    Alp Chüematte 1692 m

    During elevated temperature guests arrived to see this unique event. Franz Grossniklaus said satisfied: We have always been lucky to have great summer wheatear, except for the years 2005 and 1985. Around midday the musical presentations started. The local associations did a great job enjoying the viewers. The women of the local costumes are looking for the buffet and a good service.

    The alpine horn gathering is a event pretty calm and easy, which always take course without trouble. “Many guests are so interested attending to this event, that they coordinate it with their holidays”, said Franz Grossniklaus. There is no competition between the alpine horn blowers, as well as no salary. As a souvenir, every guest receives a present, this time it was a pepper mill. One of the biggest goals of this event is to enjoy the time together and to get inspired of the great melodies. Franz Grossniklaus: “Blowing the alpine horn and being together, this is our motto.

    Text: Monika Hartig (Berner Oberländer, swiss local journey)
    (english: Tourist Center, Beatenberg / Aleksandra Simikic)

    3 Alphornbläser mit Fahnenschwinger / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    The flag-waving (and waving flags, banners or flags blow the game) is an old popular to put people at the short and with a heavy handle bearing flags in various artistic vibrations, and then toss the flags field.

    Franz Grossniklaus, Jasmin Gerber, Joel Franken / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    Young Wind Joel Franken und Jasmin Gerber
    with Franz Grossniklaus, Beatenberg

    Jasmin Gerber / Foto: Heinz Rieder Fototermin mit Jasmin Gerber und Joel Franken / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    Photo opportunity with a Spanish tourist


    Jodlerklub Beatenberg / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    Jodlerklub Beatenberg / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    Yodel Club Beatenberg

    Fachsimpeln: Franz Grossniklaus mit Aaron Schärz, Uster / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    Talking shop via the mouthpiece of an Alphorn

    Mundstücke / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    The mouthpiece - an important criterion for good sound

    24 Alphornbläser / Foto: Heinz Rieder


    Am Grillstand / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    The refreshment - meat and sausage

    Chäsbrätel / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    Chäsbrätel (cheese fry)

    Verpflegungsstand / Foto: Heinz Rieder


    Verpflegung ... / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    Organizer Franz Grossniklaus

    Kaffee-Kessel / Foto: Heinz Rieder Älplerkaffee / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    Alpine Coffee

    Alphorngruppe Thun / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    Alphorngruppe Thun

    Alphorngruppe Thun / Foto: Heinz Rieder


    Heimweg ... Rischerli / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    The way home for Hikers ...
    Chüematte - Rischerental - Beatenberg

    Heimweg ... Rischerli / Foto: Heinz Rieder

    Alphorn sound with echo

    » Alphorntreffen Chuematte, Beatenberg / Fotos: H.Rieder / Ikarus

    ... at the end of the good memories remain ...

    Alphorn-Trio Beatenberg

    Alpine horn sound / Photo: Heinz Rieder

    » Alpine horn sound

    The alpine horn gathering on the Chüematte, Beatenberg

    Organize Since 1985, the alpine horn gathering on the Chüematte on Sundays between 18 and 25 August. There is no reserve date.

    Interested Alphorn and flag-wavers
    register by phone 033 841 14 73
    Franz Grossniklaus, Hälteli 380C,  CH-3803 Beatenberg

    The active organizers and helpers 2010
    Alphornbläser Beatenberg: Franz Grossniklaus, Walter Zobrist (Brienz), Christian Gafner, Markus Jaun, Andy Fuhrer, Urs Zimmermann, Jasmin Gerber, Joel Franken.

    Trachtengruppe Beatenberg + weitere langjährige Helfer ...

    Performances: Jodlerklub Beatenberg, Trachtengruppe Beatenberg, Kleinformation der Musikgesellschaft Beatenberg und verschiedene Alphornbläser, Fahnenschwinger sowie die Musikkapelle Ahorni.

    Sermon by Pastor Lukas Stettler, Beatenberg


    Information about Alphorn

    The length of the Alphorn affects the pitch

    In Switzerland, the F / G-Alphorn is most widespread in Germany, the F-Alphorn. In the normal execution can be decomposed alphorns today in two or three parts.

    Alphorn zerlegt Stimmung (Grundton) Länge Tiefster Ton
    Es 4,05 m Es1
    E 3,89 m E1
    F 3,68 m F1
    Fis/Ges   (oft in der Schweiz) 3,47 m Fis1 / Ges1
    G 3,27 m G1
    Gis/As 3,09 m Gis1 / As1
    B 2,75 m B1
    C 2,45 m C
    Source: Wikipedia

    The sound generator is the Alphorn as with the entire family of brass instruments, not the instrument, but the body of the player and, more vibrant lips and his breathing apparatus. The instrument is basically really only reinforcing and modifying the sound function. The Alphorn you can play from the different frequencies that are generated by varying degrees of lip tension, not like most instruments, the entire scale, but only a part of this, the harmonic series. The slightly more or stretched lips of the player form a resistance to the air blown into the instrument and produce the sound vibrations with ever-increasing integer frequencies. The higher the lip tension, the faster the vibrations and the higher the sound. The weaker the lip tension, the deeper the tone. These so-called natural tones caused partly by the division of a string in the same circumstances can be created on any cylindrical or conical tube by overblown.


    Alphorn - Sound samples

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    Photos: Heinz Rieder

    Alpine horn sound: Alpine horn Trio Beatenberg
    Dr Alphornjutz (Edi Dauwalder - edited Walter Zobrist)
    Franz Grossniklaus, Markus Jaun and Andy Fuhrer

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