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    Lake Thun (spring - summer - autumn)

    We wish you a warm welcome to the Lake Thun Region.
    Are you looking for a relaxing but active holiday in magnificent surroundings? In the Lake Thun Region you will be spoilt for choice with cultural highlights, sports activities, wonderful excursions and unforgettable hikes. Above you the blue skies of the Bernese Oberland and the most beautiful peaks in the Alps and below you the contrasts and endless variety of the lake with its Mediterranean flavour.
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    Castle in Oberhofen / Photo: Fritz Bieri

    Castle in Oberhofen

    Castle-Restaurant Schadau, Thun / Photo: Heinz Rieder

    Castle - Restaurant "Schadau" in Thun

    Castle Thun / Photo: Hermann Ryter

    At the gateway to the Bernese Alps is Thun, the tenth largest city in Switzerland. The old town is intact and has splendid building and squares and towering above it is the impressive Zähringer Castle. Photo: Hermann Ryter, Steffisburg


    View to Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau / Photo: Heinz Rieder

    Lake Thun and Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau

    Merligen - Justistal / Beatenberg - Niederhorn / Photo: Heinz Rieder

    Merligen - Justistal / Beatenberg - Niederhorn

    Thunerseeee-Beatenberg-Niederhorn Beatenberg-Niederhorn Beatenberg-Niederhorn Restaurant

    Exkursion destinations:
    Lake Thun: Beatenbucht - Beatenberg - Niederhorn

    Niederhorn - Niesen / Photo: Fritz Bieri

    Niederhorn - Niesen - Lake Thun


    Niesen / Photo: Heinz Rieder


    Hiking trail Faulensee-Spiez / Photo: Fritz Bieri

    Hiking trail Faulensee-Spiez

    Hiking trail Faulensee-Spiez

    Route description: Follow the Kirschgartenstrasse from the railway station of Faulensee. At the end, turn right into the Interlakenstrasse and start following the signs Strandweg left of hotel Seeblick. You will have a beautiful view of the eastern part of the Thunersee. As you continue to follow the Strandweg, you will pass along a small fish farm, where information boards show why it is necessary to artificially breed fish, and how it is done. You will pass the swimming pool at the end of the Strandweg, where you need to turn right into the direction of the harbour. Turn right again so that you have several sidewalk restaurants on your left and the yacht-basin on your right. Walk straight on until you reach the landing stage of the boats to Interlaken and Thun. Then walk back and go into the slightly ascending Seestrasse. Turn right into the Schlossstrasse and left into the Rebbergweg. Take the path to the right into the forest when you have reached the top of the Spiezberg. You will reach a viewing point a bit later, where you can see the western part of the Thunersee. Keep following the forest path straight on. As you leave the forest you need to turn right into the Weidliweg, then left into the Thunstrasse. Keep following the Thunstrasse (don’t cross the railway) until you can turn to the right into the Bahnhofstrasse that leads to the railway station. You can also turn into the Oberlandstrasse at this point in case you would like to go to the city centre of Spiez. Duration : 1h40 Source: http://www.myswissalps.com/

    Holiday in Faulensee / Photo: Fritz Bieri

    Holiday in Faulensee

    Paddle steamer "Blümlisalp" / Photo: Fritz Bieri

    Paddle steamer "Blümlisalp"

    Schifffahrt Thunersee Berner Oberland
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    Schifffahrt in the Bernese Oberland

    Faulensee / Spiez / Photo: Heinz Rieder

    Faulensee / Spiez

    View to Thun / Photo: Heinz Rieder


    Port "Güetital", Faulensee / Photo: Heinz Rieder

    Port "Güetital", Faulensee

    Spiez / Photo: Heinz Rieder


    Sailing: My dear colleague Erich Kellenberger / Photo: Heinz Rieder

    Sailing: My dear colleague Erich Kellenberger

    Niesen / Photo: Heinz Rieder


    Erich Kellenberger: to set sail ... (Spinnaker) / Photo: Heinz Rieder  Spinaker / Photo: Heinz Rieder

    To set sail ... (Spinnaker)

    To set sail ... / Photo: Heinz Rieder

    A spinnaker is a special type of sail that is designed specifically for sailing off the wind from a reaching course to a downwind, i.e. with the wind 90°–180° off the bow. The spinnaker fills with wind and balloons out in front of the boat when it is deployed, called flying. It is constructed of very lightweight, usually nylon, fabric, and is often brightly colored. The spinnaker is often called a kite, or a chute (as in cruising chute) because it somewhat resembles a parachute in both construction and appearance. Source: Wikipedia

    Castle of Spiez / Photo: Fritz Bieri

    Castle of Spiez

    Spiez / crape vines / Photo: Fritz Bieri

    Spiez / crape vines


    Fireworks in Spiez / Photo: Fritz Bieri

    Fireworks in Spiez

    Fireworks in Spiez / Photo: Heinz Rieder

    At sunset by Beatenberg / Photo: Fritz Bieri

    Lake Brienz, Bönigen / Photo: Heinz Rieder

    Lake Brienz, Bönigen

    Lake Thun, Niederhorn-Beatenberg, Lake Brienz

    Position: Niesen
    Justistal, Niederhorn-Beatenberg, Lake Thun, Interlaken and Lake Brienz

    Pictures this website by Heinz Rieder and Fritz Bieri


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