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    Hotel restaurant Niederhorn

    Berghaus / Restaurant / Foto: F.Bieri

    Information Tel. 033 841 11 10

    The Berghaus is a must for connoisseurs. The marvellous view is the crowning touch to the fine food. The restaurant is non-smoking. The Berghaus Niederhorn offers overnight stays in simple double rooms or in the dormitory facility.

    More information:
    » http://www.niederhorn.ch/en/summer/restaurants.html

    Blick vom Berghaus Niederhorn / Photo: Heinz Rieder

    View to Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau

    Kinderspielplatz / Photo: Heinz Rieder

    Children’s playground

    Kinderspielplatz Berghaus / Photo: Heinz Rieder


    Lake Thun - Beatenberg - Niederhorn (30 minutes)

    Thunerseeee-Beatenberg-Niederhorn / Photo: F.Bieri Beatenberg-Niederhorn / Photo: F.Bieri Beatenberg-Niederhorn Berghaus / Photo: F.Bieri

    Bahn ab Thunersee / Photo: Fritz Bieri

    Bahn ab Thunersee / Photo: Fritz Bieri

    Lake Thun / Beatenbucht

    Bahn ab Thunersee / Photo: Fritz Bieri

    Beatenbucht - Beatenberg (10 minutes)

    Bahnstation Beatenberg / Photo: Fritz Bieri

    Beatenberg: To change for Niederhorn

    Bahn im Frühjahr / Photo: Fritz Bieri

    Aerial cableway Beatenberg - Niederhorn (10 minutes)

    Thunersee mit Niesen / Photo: Fritz Bieri

    Niederhorn: View to Lake Thun, Niesen, Faulensee and Spiez


    Alpenrosen / Photo: F.Bieri

    Alpine roses and Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau

    Alpenrosen / Photo: Fritz Bieri



    Concept and pictures by Fritz Bieri and Heinz Rieder
      copyright © http://www.beatenbergbilder.ch

    Language translation: Barbara Stephenson-Berger
    Website and image editing: Heinz Rieder

    The photos speak for themselves